Wholesale  Freshly Roasted Coffee

We have developed a blissful blend of premium coffee for your drinking pleasure.


Zanzibar Coffee is devoted exclusively to coffee, Zanzibar expertise in selecting the best quality of coffee directly from the countries of origin is second to none.

With unmatched skills in creating blends with a unique taste and aroma, whilst using the very best Arabica and Robusta beans available, Zanzibar Coffee offers a complete range of blends and support products to meet the needs of every café and restaurant.

Roasted freshly twice a week and delivered to your door free of charge.


Savanna Blend Distinct combination from the far flung regions of an older empire.

A medium to dark roast gives this blend a smooth and heavy texture with a caramel mouth-feel along with a rich finish. 

A smooth, well-balanced coffee is also ideal in the home.

Savanna Blend is simple yet sophisticated combination of beans.

The Blend itself consists of three different origins; Centeral America, South America and Indonesia.


Zanzibar Savanna Blend 1kg and 5kg